The CRTV Team

Brendan Kragel

Creative Director

How does one go from running 9-1-1 calls in a big city to the creative world? The story is one full of twists and turns. In 2005 I entered the EMS system where I ran countless calls. Almost a decade later, I picked up a camera and fell in love with the art of visual storytelling. I enrolled in film school, but it didn’t take me long to be expelled. It wasn’t that I couldn’t hack it… I was just too busy working on projects and sets to make it to class. Since picking up a camera I’ve worked with brands, artists, musicians, mega churches, broadcasts, television shows, influencers, and sporting events… it’s been quite the journey. My passion is for storytelling and creating art through a lens. Everyone has a story worth telling… I’d love to help you tell yours. 

Jess Kragel

Creative Strategist

Like all good millennials I went to a 4-year college for 5 years and got myself two degrees: English and Psychology. For the next decade I worked in a corporate office where I used the practical skills I had learned for in-depth research, project design & execution, and productivity tracking; excel became my best friend but I only ever got to write for fun. Finally in my 30s I found where those two worlds collide creating in depth schedules, social media research & trend tracking, and using both writing & photography to help create your story and bring it to life.

Reclaiming the Camera

In 2020 the world became a very weird place. Everything was shutting down, no one could gather, and toilet paper had its own black market. Film production and the creative industry took a huge hit. Everything was paused. During this time, I felt called back into EMS. Work was getting harder to find and how could I watch everything unfold from the sidelines? I had training and experience so why not use it? That’s what I did. I sold off my equipment and picked up a stethoscope. However, round 2 of EMS just didn’t seem to bring the fulfillment. So, last year I reclaimed the camera after having not shot a single project in 3 years. We’re back. We’re here to stay. ~ Brendan

Finding a New Love

Photography was never on my radar, I worked on my high school newspaper writing and editing but never even considered picking up a camera. I was a writer not a photographer. Oh, to be young and naive, because today I realize I am both. Brendan introduced me to a whole new way to look at the world and capture it. In a short time, I found a new voice through the lens of a camera and with the guidance, support, and encouragement of my husband I have found a new way to create. ~ Jess